The Brush Gun is one of many of Fabian Marcaccio’s painting apparatuses he has produced, which he employs in his painterly practice of making Paintaints. These hand held machines will often fulfil the simple task of applying paint in a specific manner, reproducing thick impasto brush strokes in multicoloured silicon or acrylics, or even flinging paint out of a 3D printed slingshot or pneumatic devices.

Throughout Marcaccio’s œuvre, his thematisation of the brush stroke in the broader investigation on how painting can survive in the modern age, has lead him to many modes of how the gesture itself can be produced. From printing on canvas and silicone mould-making to 3D-printing and animation, Marcaccio has gathered an eclectic repertoire of techniques to create his Paintants, including his hand made apparatuses.

With his Brush Guns, Marcaccio combines the pure gesture of the painterly brush stroke in the context of his inventive constructions with the violent notion of the pistol, referencing the alarming byproduct of the emergence of 3D-printing: the accessible production of plastic firearms.

Each Brush Gun is hand made and signed by Fabian Marcaccio. Through the process of manufacturing the objects, each edition has unique production details and inscriptions.

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